Sunday, April 5, 2015


I've been so long didn't blog here ; Again, the excuses will be "I'm busy; I've no idea what to blog" . But this time, I would like to say I felt regret I didn't blog about my Europe Trip here and it will going to blog soon after i arrange all the picture i taken. 
I hope it can be forever kept in my mind and never fade out. 

After I finished my study life in Sheffield ; I went to a 20 days Europe Trip. It can be said is the wonderful memories for in my whole life. Although it was an budget travel but it looks joyful when all your favorite people in this trip. And now, I've in my working life. Yes, serious!
I never though that I'm the girl who will choose an office job as my very first job. But I feel I'm lucky I get this job after my first interview and working together will all fun people and friendly colleagues. I'm blessed. However, it seem so hard to make a work-life balance. Alright, get myself a few more months, I should do something to make it balance.  

How you make your working life balance ? Share me =)

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Are You Ready for The Summer Sale ?

Hello, all my beautiful ladies !
Have you finish shop your summer sales? Yes?
Definitely no ! Girls never get bored with shopping ~
And today I've arrange some list of online fashion & clothing shop for all of you and you don't ever miss out.

Lavish Alice -

Own the Runway -

Prodigy Red - 

PRIMARK -  Check out their clothing in thier outlet

Now my turn to share what I've bought these days

Ted Baker Shopper bag - £31.5
This is not mine, I helped my sista to buy it. I love the floral print make it look so vintage & classy.

  Ted baker cross body bag - £37.5
I love their savvy design and I still thinking which clothing should I match with it.
Stay tune for my outfit photo.

 Clothes I bought from Select, Bank & Primark 
Floral crop tee - £5
Blue color crop tee - £4.25
The pattern tube dress - £ 7

Crabtree & Evelyn - £10
I think this price is cheaper than I get it in Msia. I bought both of these hand cream for my sister and still planning to buy myself another bottle this coming week. View their website to get more great deal.

Thanks for reading my blog. 
I hope you love it !

Girls love high tea

I think everybody agree with my title.
High tea with your bestie is kind of enjoy and relax; so am I.
As I love high tea not only because those delicious dessert but the moment Ican share my though , feeling and gossip with my girlfriends. And today I gonna share another cafe with you.
Patisserie Valerie in Sheffield

Let's see what I've ordered.


Chocolate Cake

Hot Chocolate

Fruit Tart

For a cafe it is on the more pricey side and definitely an occasional visit rather than an everyday. It is cheaper if you take away, so you may take away your cakes and enjoy your afternoon tea in City Hall. I've some review after I tried their food. I have to say it is not as good as it could be. Maybe I more prefer on delicate taste and texture. But, their cakes are fail to do so. While, their fruit tart is nice and the taste is so fantastic ! You should try it when you visit their shop !

Now, Let's see their environment.

 My lovely girlfriend - Lays 

They display their cakes and let customer look through the window ( This is why I being attracted )

If you're craving of dessert you may visit them in :
Address: 15 Barker's Pool, Sheffield S1 2HB